(Financial Economist, Professor of Finance – tenured, inactive - Refused to accept any wage/salary/federal pension/or other financial benefits if elected to U.S. Senate in 2014).


February 16, 2015: The Office of President of the United States of America.


We shall recover this once-great country, with your help. Will you help? By age, education background and desire no one is better qualitied.


Thomas J. Coyne, Ph.D.,

(Financial Economist)


January 20, 2015 reminder: NO NATION IS ON TOP IF IT'S LEADERSHIP IS NOT!


____November 17, 2003; Reprinted again this 23rd day of February, 2015 as an "I told you so" Commentary. by Thomas J. Coyne, Ph.D., future President of the United States of America!

Commentaries (2)

(I) The United Nations, I”

The failed “League of Nations,” headquartered in San Francisco, resulted in creation of the “United Nations,” (UN) headquartered currently in New York City. The UN, too, is a failed organization. The USA must withdraw membership, financial and other support from the UN.

UN diplomats come mostly from socialist nations, are unelected persons from those foreign communities, misunderstand their role in a free, democratic, United States of America, behave in a rude, crude manner while here, lack the civility to leave on their own and must therefore be removed from the this country - with dispatch.

The UN building near the East River in New York City is not international territory, and is not located on UN sovereign ground. The UN headquarters is subject to the laws of the USA to include not only the building itself, but its occupants. Currently, so-called “ambassadors” at the UN fail to pay millions of dollars in parking and traffic fines, ignore anti-smoking laws, fail to meet local building codes, to include installation of fire sprinklers, ignore the presence of huge quantities of asbestos in the building, and deny American building inspection of the building. Additionally, and arrogantly, UN wants the USA to buy and build a new “annex” building, something elegant, for continued and larger but unimportant meetings, something in keeping with the style and comfort UN “dignitaries” have come to expect of the host country. At these UN meetings, discussions are under ways to gain and maintain control of US citizens, to include taxation of them in the short run; elimination of the Constitution of the United States of American in the long run.

(2) “The United Nations, II”

Nine of ten persons using computers throughout the world use Microsoft software programs, items designed, developed and sold by entrepreneur, Bill Gates. Bill Clinton’s White House did what it could to destroy Gates, but failed. The European Economic Community is attempting now, but will fail now, to control this most important communications portal the world has ever seen; thus, acting through the United Nations envious, anti-capitalist, anti-private property, anti-price system persons are trying to prevail where Clinton failed.

The UN is demanding the formal surrender by the USA of control over the Internet! The UN says it must be allowed to control access to our information superhighway, and use it as a political tool to promote a balanced, socialist/capitalist, but anti-American agenda. The UN claims it must be allowed to assign, or refuse to assign, Internet Service Providers, the licensing, or refusal to license, domain names and URLs and, of course, to tax the Internet as the UN sees fit. Free ownership of the Internet cannot be continued or tolerated in the long run says China, North Korea and Cuba as communist propaganda on the Internet is conspicuous by its absence.
The agenda of the UN World Summit in Geneva, Switzerland on December 10th, 11th and 12th, 2003 includes “how to do it” sessions. Should the UN allow the Internet to be managed and controlled by the United States or must the USA surrender Internet to the UN for control by a “consortium of nations?” Taxation of the income of workers of the world, an income tax applicable to “rich” nations only, most notably USA citizens, plus taxation of Internet activity is on that same agenda. Former friends and “allies,” but currently jealous, envious, resentful socialist nations like France and Germany, hope to get something for nothing again. Socialists everywhere smell an opportunity to gain and maintain control, power and money, lots of money, if they stir the world into additional anti-American activity this December, next month._


 November 25, 2014


Barack Hussein Obama II aka Barry Soetoro
President, United States of America
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, D. C.  20001

Dear Mr. President:

“You have surrounded yourself with advisers who are both crack-brained and queer.”(see footnote) 

You have used your time in office to create fear in the hearts and minds of all citizens, both at home and throughout the world.   You have taught people to fear government.  You claim you are government.  You are not as I am, we are.  Get used to it.  You work for us.  We do not live to work for you.  We created this country.  You did not!  Our military does not die for you. Combatants die to protect this country.  My country!  Our country!  Get out of office.

Instead of uniting the nation you have torn it apart.  The power and position of high, privileged office entrusted to you by blacks and whites, by rich and poor, by young and old, by each identifiable demographic group in this once-great nation has been badly damaged and otherwise tarnished by you.  As a seditious person you routinely arouse one group to denigrate another, our error, of course, as we entrusted our affairs to the wrong person, to the wrong people.

Consider this letter as a vote of no confidence in you.  You have failed.  You are a failure.  I have no confidence in your ability to function successfully as president. 

People trusted you and you violated that trust!   Please resign at once.  

Thank you,

Thomas Joseph Coyne, Ph.D.,
535 Haskell Drive
Bath, Ohio 44333


(footnote ) John Maynard Keynes.  "Open Letter to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt", New York Times, January 31, 1933, p. 1.



From the Ph.D. university professor of economics who has a “License to Lie” we have learned:  “A liar is a liar is a liar"! (See footnotes) Sophomore undergraduate college students of economics know the lecture on price elasticity of demand coefficients quite well, but the USA’s Electoral College members do not?  This extraordinarily wonderful lying economist, according to Obama/Pelosi/Reid types in government, is wrong!  Price elasticity of demand coefficients alone declares ObamaCare (The Affordable Care Act) a failure. 

Elasticity measures responsiveness of changes in quantity demanded for health care, the dependent variable, to changes in price for those services, the independent variable.  Insulin is price inelastic, for example. (See Footnotes)

Elasticity is calculated by use of a simple ratio, a numerator, the change in quantity demanded, divided by a denominator, the change in price for those services.  When a calculated price elasticity of demand quotient of -1.73 results for example, this quotient indicates quantity demanded expands 1.73 percent for each 1 percent in reduced price.  Total revenue to medical suppliers, calculated as price per unit of service times the increase in quantity demanded, all other variables held constant, would increase sharply; thus, medical cost increases of whatever percent (73%) are paid in additional taxes and price increases to insured citizens.  When the cost of insured medical coverage increases sharply inflated medical prices cannot possibly decrease - as promised by Obama.  (The negative sign of the coefficient shows quantity moves up if/when price moves down and vice versa). 

Numerous Obama health care lies (i.e., no federal money for abortions) existed while senior U.S. Senators, such as now deceased Ted Kennedy (D.MA), were arguing non-stop against creation of new medical colleges and hospitals.  Kennedy and friends were successful in blockage of new doctor and new hospital creations thereby allowing the USA to create still another government crisis:  the current shortage of both hospitals and doctors.  Government loves crisis and works non-stop in this manner to create more crises. 

Medical service demand is price inelastic, influenced by non-price factors.  If a medical service represents a relatively large percentage of one’s total budget, or if purchase of a medical service is postponed, or if competition for substitute service exists, price elasticity numbers will change.  Every legitimate Ph.D. financial economist on planet earth knows these things!

To be of legitimate service to students in particular, to the overall population in general, every university Professor must be believable and function with dignity, discipline, ethical behavior, honesty, honor, integrity and above all else truthfulness, minimum standards of excellence for a nation, its leaders, and its citizenry to foster and support if greatness is to be gained, and maintained.  

No nation is on top if it’s professorial/university leadership is not!

Thomas J. Coyne, Ph.D., (Financial Economist), Professor of Finance – tenured, inactive.

(Footnote) Thomas Joseph Coyne, License to Lie, Coyne Publishing Co., 1996, Bath, Ohio.

(Footnote) Thomas J. Coyne, Managerial Economics: Analysis and Cases, Fifth Edition, Business Publications, Inc., 1984, Plano, Texas.


COMMENTARY OF OCTOBER 6, 2014:  The Death Penalty: Who Pays in Dollars and Cents and Lost Freedoms – as well as in Deaths? ©

An authentic estimate of deaths caused by Germany’s World War I was sixteen million (16,000,000) persons, the so-called “war to end all wars.”  It was Germany’s effort to control all persons and things. It failed.  The number of innocent persons put to death during Germany’s World War II is estimated at sixty million (60,000,000).   With War II Germany attempted to control everyone and everything that moves, but failed again.  We learn now of Germany’s most recent effort to control resources belonging to another nation.  Germany has combat troops in Ukraine.  (How many deaths will occur this time, how much money will it cost us and how many additional persons shall be required to live in captivity, live without being free)?  

Once any government involves itself in real or contrived crises it never willingly quits or withdraws.  U.S. troops have been in Germany since 1944, seventy years, for example.  Why?  To prevent Germany from further military activity would be a correct answer.

The USA’s (1) Center for Disease Control and (2) Planned Parenthood’s Research  Institute agree sixty million (60,000,000) innocent persons have been put to death, 1973-2012, in the United States due to abortion, costing untold billions of dollars, and violating the Constitutional rights of children in the womb, persons to whom our Constitution guarantees the right to life.   

War is a crisis!  The USA and every government on planet earth encourages crisis.  When crisis does not exist one is created.  Fear is created whenever and wherever possible, aided and abetted by our Propaganda Press.  In each crisis populations look to government for the solutions they bought and paid to receive; however, in practice, once government institutes whatever controls it considers necessary it NEVER backs-off, never withdraws.  Government grows bigger, more powerful and more abusive.  Additional non-productive persons are hired, placed into health care, pension plans and other expensive benefits and they do not leave.  Result:  National Socialism runs amuck – precisely as Adolph Hitler demanded:  National Socialism (NAZI).  Hitler lost the battles but won the war. All of Europe is Socialist controlled.

As citizens we must do two things:  (1) Reelect no one; and, (2) Amend the U.S. Constitution (A) disallowing the financing of abortions, and (B) allowing ONLY those wars decided upon jointly by the U. S. House and U, S., Senate.  Without creation of these two government constraints democracy in the United States of America is doomed!   

Tom Coyne and

Approximately six million of these persons are thought to have been Jewish.

The USA entered War II subsequent to German invasion of Poland (9/1/1939).  The Poles lost in forty days (40).  Poles had been disarmed prior to invasion.  Freedoms were lost.  At Yalta (1945) U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (D. NY.), Winston Churchill (PM), GB, and Joseph Stalin, U.S.S.R. intentionally gave Russia control of Poland. Freedoms were lost again - a second time.   


(Financial Economist, Professor of Finance – tenured, inactive)

Commentary of Labor Day, 2014:  Government Collusion and Conspiracy, Bipartisanship and Planned USA Economic/Financial Collapse/Destruction. © 

When private business or organized labor or organized crime (drugs, gambling, prostitution), conspires to fix price, employment, output or income, among other economic/financial variables such as interest rate(s) money supply and common equity proxy voting the behavior might be declared illegal, but with each politician being careful not to disrupt heavy financial support (kick backs) received from these identical groups.  Law firms are bought to fix the problem(s).  Financing of appropriate politically appointed judges continues.  Competing lawyers and other involved persons are paid.  Involved politicians are not fined or imprisoned.

When American politicians conspire to fix economic/financial variables harmful to American citizens such as allowing government owned/operated pension plans to vote pension fund holdings (government only holds, does not own) of common equity proxies (fascism), the behavior is praised by each political party and called bipartisanship by our Propaganda Press (PP), resulting in election and reelection of cooperating government elected and appointed persons, allowing each politician continued abuse of public power and position for life. To our disgrace as a nation, term limits do not exist for such persons.

If publicly-traded coal producers get together and fix the price and/or production of coal and their agreement(s) is revealed the conspiracy is condemned by PP and politically controlled judges throughout the nation.  Someone resigns his CEO role in disgrace.  When government persons do the same thing, PP refuses to alert the public-at-large and our USA president goes on another golf holiday.  The politician gets reelected.

This Labor Day elected politicians and appointed government persons are quietly celebrating their latest secret but completed coup of the American taxpayer/voter:  Electrical power shall be distributed equally across the nation.  To assure voters in Ohio, for example, do not get uninterrupted electrical power while persons in California do without, “rolling blackouts” shall occur.  It started with Obama and the “War on Coal.”  Power shall be discontinued in selected regions of the country to make distribution of electricity equal to all persons within the country.  It is a “done deal.”  Our life-long cannot-get-them-out-of office politicians decided.  We will notice it after the manipulated/controlled November 4, 2014 elections.

When uninformed citizens see their favorite ATM machine has no cash, their gasoline station has no fuel, their football game in not on television, his/her child’s school bus cannot leave the garage, a favorite grocery store has no milk, butter, eggs, cereal, meat, potatoes and so on, even the slowest of slow learners among us will begin to get it, begin to see the problem associated with official government abuse(s) of power.  We need term limits.  Current government persons plan destruction of the domestic American economy.  Reelect no one!

We need two (2) terms maximum in the U.S. Senate, six (6) terms maximum in our U. S. House of Representatives.  Appointed persons need no more than individualized but renewable five year (5) contracts, when warranted by satisfactory service.

Tom Coyne.; 


Commentary of July 27, 2014:  Korea – Sixty-One Years Later.

Two nations, North Korea and South Korea, are additional results of Germany’s failed World War II effort to create socialist control over European people and things, and Japan’s fascist (sophisticated socialism) effort to seek and obtain similar control in the Far East.  Subsequent to War II, the nations of North and South Korea were created at Potsdam by U.S.S.R. Chairman Stalin, British Prime Minister Churchill and U.S. President Truman drawing a line on a map at the 38th parallel through the nation of Korea.  Communists (socialists) were given control of the North, with free persons controlling the South. 

Japan had conquered Korea in the 1930s and controlled it through use of a self-proclaimed “god” whose removal was triggered notably at the “Battle of Midway.”  The Atomic Bomb came later.  Understand this:  Communism and socialism have only one difference:  Communists gain and retain power with a rifle butt and bayonet; socialists gain and retain power and control by manipulating the ballot box, cheating, miscounting, having socialist ideologues vote many times, controlling a formerly free press, creating tax breaks for any Church group willing to promote a required redistribution of wealth.  National Socialism (NAZI) died with Hitler in 1945 after which the world-at-large noticed Socialism has a twin: Communism.  South Korea was invaded by North Korean communists in June, 1950. 

North and South Korean and American “authorities” agreed on July 27, 1953 the shooting and killing of one another should stop for awhile.  (I was at Sandbag Castle, North Korea at that time).  China, a huge military force in Korea from 1951 to 1953 was not present at Pyongyang but agreed to stop shooting at precisely 10:00 PM, sixty-one (61) years ago today.  No permanent truce agreement exists.  Seemingly undeterred again, communist/socialist activity moved from Korea to Vietnam where in each instance the USA made an effort to stop socialism, but political disarray and refusal to win existed in the U.S. Congress.

The greatest generation of Americans gave their lives, liberty, fortunes, everything to win against socialist/government tyranny.  Most members of that generation have died.  Grandchildren of those heroes appear disinterested in preserving, protecting, and defending our Constitution, the greatest document ever proclaimed in writing.  The enemy, the fight against socialist tyranny, is within our borders, but these grandchildren are indoctrinated, uneducated by governmental educational dumb-down efforts which began in earnest in 1970. Is any grandchild of these World War II heores able to name so much as one (1), repeat, one elected public or appointed official considered by the grandchild as being trustworthy? If so, raise your hand!

Life-long politicians have election/reelection as their only goal; our borders are violated; our military is deserted (Benghazi, elsewhere); obesity and idleness are celebrated; millions of persons are unemployed; abortion deaths (60 million) have occurred; combat veterans are abused and die at VA hospitals; seniors are threatened; poison pills are in use; our dollar is decimated; income taxes, real estate taxes, EPA and most agencies are out of citizen control; our President is an imposter; and, the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act MUST be repealed .  World War II grandparents would be proud?

Thomas J. Coyne, Ph.D. – (Financial Economist); and/or


Commentary of July 9, 2014, Fascist America.

Benito Mussolini was the creator of fascism. He and Adolph Hitler knew one cannot create, build, insist upon a new country until and unless s/he destroys the existing country. Currently the USA has a fascist economy, is a fascist state. Barack Hussein Obama II, known for approximately 26 years as Barry Soetoro of Jakarta, Indonesia, has been bought and paid by national and international socialist interests to destroy the domestic American economy so as to create a socialist (fascist) haven of rest for persons from throughout the world.

The word, NAZI, stands for national socialism, the idea and ideal of Hitler and the 2nd World War; moreover, when Germany started War II with Hitler's invasion of Poland in 1939, most of Europe was capitalist; now all of Europe is socialist. Hitler lost the battles but won the war!

Germany started World War I in an effort to control everything and everyone in existence, and failed. Germany started world War II in an effort to control everyone and everything in existence, and failed. Beginning its new strategy with the so-called "Treaty of Rome" in 1957, Germany continued its effort to control everything and everyone in existence. Germany has yet to succeed, but Germany controls the finances and activities within the so-called European Economic Union. Germany controls the EURO. When the USA falls into the socialist camp, the world will be less free, less safe and definitely NOT be a better place.

Obama is an Imposter President, one who MUST be removed from office before he sends additional American military personnel into action, and to their almost certain death and to deaths of innocent women and children elsewhere, for benefit only of his socialist political objectives, objectives identical to the persons and groups who have paid for him to act as he does. IMPEACHMENT OF OBAMA/SOETORO NOW, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, IS A NECESSARY AND PARTIALLY SUFFICIENT SOLUTION - OF BENEFIT TO AMERICA AND WORLD AT LARGE - BUT ONLY IN THE SHORT-RUN. Additional work must be done. We must cancel the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act - immediately.

(Financial Economist)


(Reprinted May 21, 2014 by author Thomas Joseph Coyne, reprint made necessary because of Obama Administration expression of surprise in learning of VA abuse of military veterans).

Each veteran should be encouraged to seek out the hospital, as needed, of his/her choice
With no regard whatever to the wishes of professional life-long professional politicians. 


HOSPITALS.  (VA hospitals might measure-up in some third world nation, or less, but not here and not now).

Good news was cited by Tim Nanna, First Vice President, and Al Casanova,
Adjutant, American Legion Post 449, Akron, Ohio, Volume 12, July-August,
2003, Number 21: “Government is thinking of closing one of our VA hospitals,
Brecksville, Ohio included.  Veterans should do whatever it takes to avoid the Veterans Administration Hospitals, most especially, the VA Administration Hospital in Brecksville,

As a nation we must work to allow Veterans to go to legitimate non-government,
non-socialist hospitals of the veteran’s choice, places such as the Cleveland Clinic,
University Hospitals, Case Western Reserve University Hospitals, Akron General Hospital, and similar places; additionally, we must work to allow Veterans to fill prescriptions at a pharmacy of their choice as opposed, of course, to the current requirement that prescriptions be filled only at government owned and operated VA hospitals. Consider most seriously the following reported, documented facts:

(1)Source: Washington, November 20, 2002, CBS Patient records at one government hospital discovered 41 patients listed as dead by Social Security Administration, but named as ones for which the hospital was paid by the government for alleged medical services to those same dead persons.

(2) Social Security numbers reveal another 225 patients at the same hospital as being dead, but, again these dead persons are ones for which financial costs were incurred by the hospital; but only long after the patients died. Fraud! Additionally, the probability is high these dead people voted in recent elections? The article continues: The Pentagon’s $24 billion military health system overspent its budget in six of the past eight years; This money was spent, but no services were rendered? Many alleged patients were long-since dead?  Meanwhile, living combat veterans are not allowed to go to real hospitals; they must go to corrupt government hospitals.

(3) Source: Center, November 19, 2002. A federal appeals court Tuesday ruled that the U. S. Government does not owe free lifetime medical care to World War II and Korean War veterans who agreed to serve 20 years in exchange, despite promises made to them when they were in the armed forces. It was a 9-4 ruling by the Federal Circuit Court in Washington, D. C.  Hillary Clinton and other socialized medicine advocates are proud of this reversal?
(4)  Source: Fox News, and Associated Press, July 22, 2002.  Boone County Prosecutor Kevin Crane announced in court his decision to ask the death penalty for Richard Allen Williams, 36 years of age. Williams, a former nurse at the Truman Veterans Administration Hospital in Columbia, Missouri in 1992, is charged with the murders of 10 patients.
Crane says 41 patients died, but decided to charge Williams with the 10 to which reference is made.  Crane believes William administered a paralyzing muscle relaxant, succinylcholine, in all 10 bodies. Crane says none of the deceased had been prescribed the drug. Lawyers for
Williams say the time frame has been too long, no evidence exists, and bunches of statistics that are incomplete are all the county has. According to widespread news stories, on August 6, 2003, murder charges against this nurse MAY have been dropped. Continuing.

       (5)  Source: The Las Vegas Sun, March 24, 2002. The Archives of Internal Medicine reveals: Maggots were born in the noses of two comatose patients four years (1998) ago at a
Missouri Veteran’s Administration hospital infested by mice and flies. . . . Mice would sometimes dash over the feet of employees in the hospital director’s suite.

This Veteran’s Administration hospital in Missouri says the infestation started with a housecleaning oversight. Dr. Stephen Klotz, then the hospital’s chief of infectious disease, said the mice moved in after the cafeteria and food storage areas were dropped from
the cleaning list. Some areas weren’t cleaned for more than a year. By July1998, a pest control contractor put out bait and glue boards to kill the mice. Inspectors later found dead mice in a food storage room, mouse nests behind boxes on food shelves, and mouse droppings on the floor of a cafeteria work room. Live mice were found in a large wastebasket.  Cleaners missed some of the dead mice, which attracted flies. Green blowflies like to lay their eggs in dead mice. Some of the flies flew into the hospital intensive-care unit, where they were trapped by automatic doors and kept away from mouse carcasses. Maggots were found in the nostrils of
one patient on July 22, 1998.  Maggots were found in the nose of a second patient on September 30, 1998.  Dr. Klotz said the maggots were removed immediately and neither patient was harmed by the infestation. The first patient died two days after the maggots were found, but the cause of death was unrelated. They are ghastly, but they are harmless, according to Dr. Klotz who went on to say he also found a few other cases where flies laid eggs in patients at other hospitals. 

Studies by Cuban physicians of numerous socialized medicine hospitals throughout Fidel Castro’s Cuba reveal results similar to these VA hospitals in the USA.  The two Veterans who died in the Kansas City, Missouri VA hospital were Americans who had fought for their country. Forty-one veterans may have been murdered by a V. A. hospital nurse according to Prosecutor Kevin Crane, in the Truman Veterans Administration Hospital in Columbia, Missouri, but charges against the nurse may have been dropped by Crane on or about August 6, 2003. Regardless, no abuse of Veterans is reported by Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather or other established news services such as NPR, PBS. The Veterans Administration fails to report abuse in socialist hospitals as did the Bill and Hillary Clinton White House. Simultaneous with deaths and other abuse of veterans in VA hospitals, Hilary Clinton
espoused virtues of socialized medicine, the very medical treatment to which these patients were subjected.

 Veterans must AVOID Veteran Administration Hospitals everywhere, most notably in
Cleveland (Brecksville), Ohio.  Demand and obtain prescription drug and medical treatment at a non-government owned pharmacy or hospital. Veterans MUST BE ALLOWED TO go to a facility of the VETERAN’S choice. The U. S.  Congress has guaranteed each veteran good treatment! The U. S. government was in control of each veteran when he died of neglect or was murdered in Missouri V.A. hospitals. The bodies in one instance were not discovered for days; the neglect not announced for years.


Thomas J. Coyne, Ph.D.,
Reprinted May 21, 2014



Commentary of April 10, 2014.  March Madness!

It is known to some as “March Madness,” the basketball tournament that in volume of betting outshines former horse race competition in the United States of America by a statistically significant wide margin.  This fact is important as people who make their living betting on this, that or the other thing came off handsomely recently, as did Big Government.  It is like this:

The Government-Owned and operated University of Connecticut entertained in a game of sport with the Government-Owned and operated University of Kentucky in a Government-owned sports facility and Government collected huge financial grants and/or revenues from ticket sales, beer sales, hot dog and other concessions, television and radio royalties, jersey/hood or other souvenir items, Alumni contributions, and the list goes on and on . . . and on.

Organized gambling made huge financial gains and/or revenue enhancements from the printing of poll tickets, collection of percentage of bets made at Casinos and organized locations throughout the country, much if not most of which is in tax-free cash format, with pure profit being made, with a portion of these profits being “kicked-back’ in campaign contributions to and for selected politicians who agree to close Government owned and operated “universities” for a week or so to allow the gambling/betting to occur.  It is a great deal for organized gambling and for life-long professional politicians; however, is it a good deal for our so-called university “students” who “star” in the games, many if not most of whom do not know and could never begin to calculate the square root of 81? 

Who cares!  Stupid question!  “Didn’t we have a good time” is what matters while the overall procedure allows for, contributes significantly to the “dumb-down” plan for Americans in America while vastly enriching organized gambling and assuring that cooperating politicians, ones supportive also of drug sales, prostitution and selected other activities remain embedded in office for life ?

Contributions from organized gambling and/or gamblers may be the largest and therefore the most important contributors to successful political campaigns in the USA!  Each national election is controlled by these people and their money?! 

Sad, is a word to describe properly our cultural decline and ultimate demise in this manner?  Probably not!  No one is “mad.” Former Presidents Bush and Clinton support the organization that supports life-long existence in political party, as does existing President Barack Obama, known for about 26 years of his life as Barry Soetoro.  Obama anxiously made public his bet on Michigan State Government University to win it all.  Almost everyone is thoroughly enthralled throughout March Madness due to voluminous supportive reports appearing routinely in our Government-controlled Propaganda Press.

Tom Coyne


Commentary of Saturday, March 22, 2014. Votes for Sale.

The probability is sky-high the Republican Party of West Virginia (RPWV) paid compensation in some manner to the Libertarian Party of West Virginia (LPWV) for manipulation of so-called "convention" votes on March 8, 2014 as RPWV found it necessary to block, to deny nomination of financial economist Thomas Joseph Coyne, Ph.D. from seeking/obtaining the office of U.S. Senate in a fair and open election on November 4, 2014. WV Secretary of State Natalie E. Tennant (D. WV.), herself a candidate for the office of U.S. Senator in the identical election, November 4, 2014, has refused to investigate. Why?


Thursday, March 13th, 2014 @ 7:36PM

Libertarian Party of West Virginia, Convention of March 8, 2014, Commentary of March 13, 2014.

I attended expecting to be elected by WVLP membership for nomination to the office of U.S. Senate, WV, an expectation “assured” to me over many months. I worked accordingly, providing numerous solutions to current issues on my web pages. The Executive Committee provided me with names and address of approximately 1,550 members not one of whom allegedly invited to the convention attended, or voted. No absentee ballots were made available.

“Misfit Toys” as described by author Goldschmidt’s character, Rankin Bass, and as produced later in video by Disney may have attended the “convention”, or, perhaps, more correctly, this Executive Committee only production is West Virginia’s best rendition of “The Emperor Has No Clothes?”

NO dues paying members of the West Virginia Libertarian Party were present to vote at their “convention.” Nomination to the office of U.S. Senate was “won” by an alleged margin of 9 to 5 executive committee votes, for a man from the state of Virginia who announced how he and his “partner” decided recently to live in my native West Virginia. Employment, output and income discussions were ignored, but remain in dire need of serious consideration. Sound, acceptable, workable solutions necessary to solve WV citizen concerns remain published on my web pages. My solution to Social Security, my solution for payment of pensions to 100,000 coal miners, my financing solution to 60,000,000 (sixty million) abortions 1973-2012 exists also as does the solution in WV and elsewhere to education corruption, and how to improve the overall standard of living in West Virginia, currently the lowest in this nation. No ObamaCare discussion existed though it is intended to destroy America, and no mention was made of the almost zero overall rating of Congress.

The State of West Virginia, Secretary of State, Natalie E. Tennant, (D. WV.) herself seeking the office I want, U.S. Senator, (L. WV), a woman to whom Michelle Obama, in Michelle’s name and that of President Barack Hussein Obama II, known also as Barry Soetoro, promised $13 million ($13,000,000.00) to Tennant in order to keep control of the Democrat Party Senate vote in West Virginia, was asked immediately by Thomas J. Coyne NOT to certify convention results. She denied the complaint/request claiming “In this instance no state law is involved.”

Tennant, referring in large part to former SOS, Joseph Manchin, says: “. . . that the convention (WVLP) was (not) an attempt by the State of West Virginia to deny ballot access to any individual (Thomas J. Coyne, Ph.D., as it did when Manchin denied ballot access to Coyne) to which you apparently refer, involved state laws establishing filing requirements which were determined (declared in violation of the U.S. Constitution) by court (Federal District Courts, Wheeling and Fairmont, WV) to deny independent candidates, and other political parties, access to the ballot.”

No penalty of any sort for violation of Federal District Court decisions was applied to current U.S. Senator Joseph Manchin, his political machine, or the state of WV. The legal appeal by Coyne of WV Secretary of State’s (Manchin) crime was being studied by U. S. Supreme Court Chief Justice William Hubbs Rehnquist at his home the night Justice Rehnquist died suddenly.

I hand-carried, hand-delivered my files to Judge Rehnquist, following precise mile-by-mile telephone instructions from a Rehnquist staff member to the Supreme Court building. At the guard’s parking lot station in Washington, D. C. I handed the files to a Rehnquist aide as instructed. I have wondered ever since if our Chief Justice Rehnquist died of normal, natural causes the night of my delivery. None of the boxes of Coyne’s (my) legal documents(files) were returned by the U.S. Supreme Court; in fact, Thomas J. Coyne never heard another official word from the Supreme Court or any established political power - until receipt of the March 12, 2014 Email from the Office of Secretary of State, Natalie E. Tennant, cited here.

Joseph Manchin, Secretary of State, WV, at the time was seeking the office of governor as was Thomas J. Coyne, Ph.D. By denying Coyne (me) appropriate election petition forms as requested in writing by Coyne, Manchin was assured of no meaningful competition for the office of governor, an office from which Manchin got himself appointed to the office of U.S. Senate, (D. WV.) following the anticipated death of Robert Byrd. The state of WV had violated Federal District Court orders (Fairmont) issued about two years earlier to provide petition forms upon request, thereby paving the way for a walk-in to the WV office of Governor for SOS, Manchin, and with no penalty.

No remedy exists in court, at any level. We have only a manipulated legal system not a justice system as guaranteed by the Constitution of the U.S.

At our Charleston, WV hotel we drank bottled water due to Elk River contamination. The same political parties, families, business and union representatives, have controlled the State of West Virginia for more than 100 years. Government employees declared the water problem ‘solved.’ A recovering leukemia patient with two bone marrow transplants was with me at the “convention” but could not take a shower as the smelly contaminated water might complicate further her efforts at recovery.

The “convention,” contributes more to problems than to solutions for overly poor households in WV. Deceit, deception, dishonesty is always a sham. Poor people do not care, nor should they. They and their families have to eat and they need to continue to kowtow in order to survive. I had hoped legitimate members of the Libertarian Party of West Virginia would stand with me, would vote for me, would be permitted to vote. Not so and no help appears available for straight, normal ordinary West Virginia workers and their families. Poverty stricken politically controlled citizens of West Virginia have no recourse.

Except, perhaps, for Alaska, West Virginia is the wealthiest state in the USA. Oil, gas, coal, timber, water, and of course, its people, undereducated but genetically gifted, are treasures “to die for.” A dire need exists for better leadership in West Virginia. Current politicians know it quite well; however, these current life-long professional politicians will kill, if necessary, to retain power in and control of WV and its citizens!

I fight to be free. Be free with me?

Tom Coyne, (Financial Economist),,


Ukraine/Crimea; Israel/Palestine: Solutions

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014 @ 6:37PM


Today is Wednesday, March 5, 2014. On Saturday, March 8, 2014, the Libertarian Party of West Virginia holds its convention. To be free again nominate Tom Coyne as the person choosen to take the WV Senate seat.

Solutions to Social Security and other domestic problems are available now, as are solutions dealing with major international events – such as Ukraine/Crimea and Israel/Palestine and China/Japan.

When elected to the office of Senate from West Virginia, and from the floor of the Senate, I shall explain how the USA purchased property it wanted/needed. Purchasing property is the proper way to acquire property; armed assault or threat of armed assault is an improper way to acquire it, not only to WV but throughout the nation and the world. Russia and innumerable other nations must learn from our good example. I will explain it to them upon request.

When we wanted Alaska we bought it, from Russia; when we wanted New Orleans we bought it, the Louisiana Purchase, and so on. If Israel wants Palestine, they should negotiate with Palestine and buy it. Military conquest to acquire property belonging to another nation is unaccetable! If Mr. Putin’s Russia wants Crimea, Mr. Putin and Russia should buy it from the Ukraine, reversing the Russian loss of Crimea in 1855 to the British in a horrible war. If China wants two small islands near Japan, they should negotiate a price and buy them.

Should I one day meet Vladimir Putin at the Kirov Ballet in the former Leningrad in a manner similar to how I met Boris Yeltzin at the Bolshoi theatre in Moscow, I hope to have an opportunity to explain the best way to acquire property: negotiate with the seller and pay cash for the acquisition. I will explain this situation in great detail to fellow Senators of course; meanwhile, I need the nomination as it assures placement of my name on the ballot, without which I cannot be elected in November. When you support me, you support yourself, your spouse and your family as I work only for you! Support me and be free.

If I am blocked from getting the nomination and therefore blocked from reaching the Senate floor, I am blocked from contributing significantly to alleviation of additional conflict(s). You and I will suffer as a result of my being blocked. If I get my name on the ballot on March 8, 2014 I shall win election on November 4, 2014. Do it so you and I together, will be free. All of West Virginia must seek and obtain freedom again. Be free with me!

Resectfully submitted,

Tom Coyne


Click here for the February 5, 2014 interview of Tom Coyne by It begins at 42 minutes into the show:


“Common Core” Academic Requirements, a Fascist (Socialist) Effort.

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014 @ 2:27PM

Fascism, a sophisticated form of socialism, was created in Naples, Italy in 1922 by Italian dictator, Benito Mussolini, and made operational throughout Italy by 1929. Adolph Hitler liked the sneaky manner in which fascism is introduced (proxy voting by government employees of common equity shares held in government employee pension funds (as the USA does today)). It allowed total control of people but too slowly for Hitler. History is repeating itself in the USA under the fascist rule of Kenyan-born Barack Hussein Obama II, known for about 26 years as Barry Soetoro.

“Common core” is a USA Department of Education effort to apply Mussolini fascism, to control American people through education. Money will be withheld from 50 states if their dictates are ignored, they say. ”Common Core” is not designed primarily to control curriculum. It’s goal is not to educate but to intimidate students, parents and teachers with fear, threats and lack of revenue; but, our Dep’t of Ed. has no authority to force its mandates onto any free American citizen. The Dep’t of Ed. may advise, recommend only; it has no authority to tax, mandate or withhold any money or anything of value.

The role of education belongs in the hands of the Department of Education of the 50 individual states; federal government grants to assist these states belongs to the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives. Dep’t of Ed. personnel exceed the power and position of their appointed roles if they think or act otherwise. As the newly elected U.S. Senator from West Virginia I plan to explain this responsibility to fellow-Senators from the floor of the U.S. Senate.

Current “Common Core” efforts seek to legalize text-book content/control. Two specific examples: my MBA level text ”Managerial Economics: Analysis and Cases,” 1984, and my “Readings in Managerial Economics” texts, beginning in 1973, (the best-selling book in its field).

For the U.S. Dep’t of Ed. control is the goal. Education is not the goal! Government controls all people easiest through education when it (1) requires/encourages students to attend school and (2) makes them read what government requires them to read (propaganda). Failure to repeat on exams what is taught in the textbook causes one to fail the course. Formal education is halted, resulting in a lessor lifestyle for the student.

Text book control creates successful “dumbing down” of American education in West Virginia and elsewhere: “West Virginia Ranks Last for Well-Being – Again”, February 20, 2014.

My “Common Core” solution shall be explained in detail from the floor of the U. S. Senate. I must gain Libertarian Party West Virginia nomination at our convention in Charleston, WV on Saturday, March 8, 2014 to do so.

To win in 2014 WV Libertarians must unite, electing a U.S. Senator, and at least two U.S. House members. If they respond, we will win the WV governor’s office in 2016. We will win in 2016 ONLY if we are successful in these elections of November 4, 2014!


How to make the U.S. Senate Coyne operated.

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

DATE: January 25, 2014

TO: Members of the Libertarian Party, West Virginia


SUBJECT: Libertarian Party West Virginia, Convention, March 8, 2014

I am Tom Coyne, born and raised in Wheeling, West Virginia, graduated from Wheeling Central Catholic High School and Marshall University, Huntington, WV. I am a Candidate for U.S. Senate (L. WV.). I own real estate property in WV and have paid taxes on it for 50 years; additionally, I have had a residential mailing address in WV for almost the same period of time. I seek your prayers, good will and votes. I accept no money from anyone, anywhere at any time for any reason. This memo reduces to writing some of my experiences and other background

My residence currently is in Bath, Ohio and as with each person elected to the office of U.S. Senate I shall be a resident of West Virginia “when elected,” in total compliance with our U.S. Constitution. Our Office of Secretary of State, West Virginia is cognizant of and in agreement with the legal correctness of the situation.

I need and hereby solicit your vote to obtain the nomination of LPWV at our convention in Charleston, WV on March 8, 2014.

Invitations to speak at university or high school commencements, at union, business, church, or other groups are needed as well; a forum is needed to explain my: (1) workable solutions for Social Security, (2) workable solutions concerning how to structure pension payments committed but as yet unpaid to approximately 100,000 coal miners, (3) solutions concerning how to amend the 16th Amendment to our U. S. Constitution, (4) solutions regarding salvation of our educational system, (5) solution concerning our banking and quality/quantity of money crisis. The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of November, 1999 must be cancelled and the Glass-Steagall Act of 1934 reinstated. As your U.S. Senator from West Virginia I will work to avoid economic collapse here, as happened in the former Soviet Union, by reinstating Glass-Steagall, (6) solutions concerning how to discontinue taxpayer financing of tens of millions of abortions; after all, sixty million unborn babies have been eliminated 1973-2012, the same number of innocent deaths estimated to have been killed in Europe during World War II, 1939-1945. Each solution is on my web page: Helpful additional material may be found also on web page: (Scroll-down to AutobiographicalSketch.htm.). If able, if in position to do so, please help arrange meaningful speaking engagements.

Military Experience: U.S. Army Combat Infantry Veteran, Sandbag Castle, Main Line of Resistence, North Korea, (MLR) complete with badges, metals and letters. What did I do in North Korea? I survived!

Business Experience: (1) Paper boy; (2) J. C. Penney Co.; (3) Baltimore & Ohio Railroad; (4) Van Pelt & Brown; (5) Ross Laboratories; (6) The B. F. Goodrich Company; (7) Robinson Clay Product Company; (8) Chesapeake & Ohio Railway; (9) Summit Petroleum Company (Founder, CEO, President); (10) Tri-State Petroleum Company; (11) Coyne and Associates, Inc. (Founder, CEO, President); (12) Created more than five (5) not-for-profit Foundations, served as Financial Adviser for each; (13) Investment Adviser managing several millions of dollars per business and/or personal client(s) without losing a penny for anyone, anywhere, at any time, taking one Foundation I created from scratch from $11.00 to $6,000,000.00 before leaving.

Education Received: BBA, Marshall University (Accounting, Economics); MBA, Kent State University (Management, Finance); Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University (Economics, Finance); Post-graduate study, University of Chicago (Monetary Theory, Fiscal Theory)[1]; University of Michigan (Computers).


(1) My MBA thesis, “Railroad Proposals for Alleviation of their Financial Crisis” was instrumental in bringing about acquisition of the B&O Railroad by the C&O Railway. Our combined RR became known as CSX. I served as an officer on the C&O during the process, working with Cyrus Eaton who had read my thesis and offered me the job. Eaton was principal stock owner of the C&O. Earlier in life, while studying as a full time student at Marshall U. (Hodges Hall) and graduating in three years, I worked as a Brakeman on the B&O Railway, in Wheeling and in Huntington. I worked full time at The B. F. Goodrich Company, finance area, while completing my MBA in two years. These experiences proved invaluable.

(2) My Ph.D. dissertation, “Banking Structure in West Virginia” was instrumental in bringing about branch banking in WV. Prior to publication of my dissertation by the WV Legislative Services Committee, the state of WV was the only state in the USA with “unit” banking (No Branches Allowed).

(3) As with all publishable MBA theses and doctoral dissertations, these two documents, above, are found in Archives, University of Michigan Library, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Education Given: While completing my education at Case Western Reserve University, I taught part-time at Case Institute of Technology, Case Western Reserve University, Kent State University, University of Akron, and John Carroll University.

After receipt of the Ph.D. and while at Marshall University serving as Chairman, Department of Economics, I agreed to teach MBA students at the Kanawha Valley Graduate Center, owned jointly at the time by West Virginia University and Marshall U. I taught MBA courses at Marshall U. on campus in Huntington. Also, I took undergraduate assignments to teach sophomore economics for Ohio University branches in Ironton and Portsmouth, Ohio.

Subsequent to receipt of the terminal degree, I accepted a request from Marshall University to serve as Assistant Professor of Economics and Chairman, Department of Economics. (Acceptance was a professional mistake. I accepted it for personal reasons: to provide my wife an opportunity to live near family; however, when Martin Luther King was murdered my wife, childen and I left WV in the chaos that followed).

I served at:

(1) University of Akron, Tenured, Full Professor of Business Economics (12 years);

(2) John Carroll University, Tenured, Full Professor of Finance (15 years);



(1) “The Coyne Report: October 2011, Revere Local Government Schools,” © 2012.

(2) “License to Lie,” © 2000. (Fiction).

(3) “How to Take Charge of Yourself, Your Money, Your Government,” © 1999.

(4) Managerial Economics: Analysis and Cases,”© 1984.

(5) “Instructor’s Manual to accompany Managerial Economics: Analysis and Cases,” © 1984.

(6) “Readings in Managerial Economics” © March, 1973.

(7) ______, © October, 1973..

(8) ______, © June, 1974. Additional printings due to heavy demand,

(9) ______, © April, 1975.

(10) ______, © November, 1975.

(11) “Readings . . . ., Revised Edition (2nd Edition),” © 1977

(12) “Readings in Managerial Economics, 3rd Edition,” © 1981.

(13) “Readings in Managerial Economics, 4th Edition,” © 1985.

(14) “Readings . . . 5th Edition,” © 1992.

Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. has copies of all of my books; additionally, many universities have retained some copies. Library of Congress has “License to Lie” and I have several copies of it in my warehouse space along with copies of ”How to Take Charge . . . ” and 5th Edition of “Readings”. (I never allowed “License . . .” to circulate nationally or internationally as I did with each of my other publications, but a few copies of License are available at this time).

Non-Book Contracted Work Unique to WV, Published: “Index Detail of West Virginia Economic Activity,” Charleston Daily Mail, monthly for one year.[2]

Arbitration: Since graduation from Case Western Reserve University I have settled hundreds of labor arbitration cases being selected each time by the parties, labor and management. Many of these published arbitration cases appear in one volume or the other of: The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc., Arlington, Virginia.

Television: Regular economic/finance “guest” on “The Feagler Show,” a regional production produced and directed out of Channel 3, NBC, Cleveland, Ohio. A considerable number of appearnances were made also on Channel 5, ABC, Cleveland, Ohio. Both the ABC and NBC work was done as a public service while serving as tenured, full Professor of Business Economics, University of Akron. I have video tapes of many of the NBC shows, on VCR only currently.

AutobiographicalSketch.htm., contains significantly more background information and commentaries than mentioned in this memo. One must go to the web site and scroll down to AutobiographicalSketch.htm. Information to be obtained reveals innumerable (hundreds) publications, some specific arbitration cases resolved, and universities visited in Brussels, Croatia, Ireland and elsewhere - the former U.S.S.R. (Russia, Latvia, Belarus), for example, and more.

Financial Management Delegation to the U.S.S.R., Professor Thomas J. Coyne, Delegation Leader: A program founded by Dwight D. Eisenhower, and having at the time President George Bush as “Honorary Chairman” requested that I form a delegation whose purpose would be to visit the U.S.S.R., all expenses paid. I accepted. Russia at the time was in the process of issuing bonds, a financial practice considered normal in capitalist countries, a practice shunned by Russians for the better part of seventy years (70). I had raised many questions about Russian bond indebtedness and wanted to know more about it. I formed a group consisting of a number of professors, a few business executives, some of whom brought their wives, and left for Moscow, via Shannon, Ireland. My initial plan was to fly non-stop from New York to Moscow, but Pan Am plane reservations problems developed. We could not leave New York. Aeroflot came to my rescue flying our group first class from New York to Shannon on Aer Lingus and then non-stop from Shannon to Moscow after a one day layover in Shannon. We had to meet an older Russian plane in Shannon. It was coming from Cuba, returning Russian troops home after a tour of duty in Cuba. No plane from Cuba was allowed to land in the USA.

I met U.S.S.R. President Boris Yeltzin at the Bolshoi Ballet Theatre in Moscow on this trip, the evening before leaving for home. I had met earlier, upon invitation, with the Boards of Directors of both Russian commercial banks (Yes, only 2 banks), one in Moscow, the other in Leningrad. I was asked and answered several theoretically correct bank and finance questions, macro and micro. Board member interest was very high, very intense, nervous, almost, and the large numbers of questions dealt deeply and heavily with our Federal Reserve System, a major area of study and teaching for me – thank God – as none of us had any clue what the agenda held or what questions these Soviet Bank Board members might have; moreover, we knew nothing concerning what was next on their aganda or what might be next. We had no agenda. We had no clue the banks would soon fail. These Russian bankers were very secretive that way, that day.

I led delegation members at our meeting with the Deputy Minister of Finance; the Bank for Housing, Municipal Services, and Social Development of the USSR; the Moscow Institute of Finance of All Union (“all union” refers to the overall USSR, not labor); Research Institute for External Affairs; and, we studied a proudly presented Exhibition in Economic Achievement.

Flying between Moscow and Minsk, Belorussia, I was offered an opportunity to fly our plane carrying about 200 persons. I did. Once on the ground I was offered an opportunity to fly a Russian Mig-17. I refused. I received a license to fly from the Russian flight crew in Minsk, Belarus. I carry the license with me from time to time and will share it with any of you who might be interested.

In Riga, Latvia we discussed government economics and finance at the State Bank of Latvia, studied the agricultural firm named “Agrofimra Adazi,” but spent our most worthwhile time with professors at the Latvian State University. They were wonderful. Upon return home a ranking Latvian appeared at the front door of my residence. I fixed him some drinks, took him to dinner and he left for Montreal, Canada the same day. The Latvian faculty knew we were coming, had saved precious severely rationed sugar and made cakes and cookies for us to enjoy in one of their very small offices. The elevator at the university did not work. They were very glad to meet Americans.

Most delegation members and myself delivered technical economic and finance papers, especially at our stop in Leningrad, but also at each stop.

The U.S.S.R. failed, collapsed completely shortly after our visit and their commerciial banks led the way. To this day (2014) their banking system remains unsound. Economic collapse happened suddenly and with no shooting. Conditions were so bad people simply quit working. The same procedure is planned and will work in the USA. The USSR banking system triggered the event by having commercial banks refuse to “clear’ one another’s checks (To put this in perspective, assume you got paid for work but no bank would cash your check. How would you purchase food, clothing, and so on?). With ease, similar economic collapse could happen here. When it happens the collapse in our USA will begin with commercial banks. ATM machines will be out of cash, or nearly so. Meanwhile, if you want large quantities of cash, say, $5,000 or so, banks will deny the request until and unless you explain what you will do with the money. Why do you want your money banks will demand? I have written elsewhere that banking is the most important industry in every economy: capitalist, socialist, and communist. Nowhere is that statement more evident than in overall economic/political collapse of the USSR. Wake up America!

Croatia: A principal part of the former Yugoslavia. I was invited there by the Croatian Stock Exchange to present a seminar dealing with basic economics and finance for approximately 28-30 students and similar persons I was told, one’s desiring to know more about economics, to be held at a local hotel. Only upon arrival for my week long, and beyond, lecture sessions did I learn my presntations would be in in the huge Zagreb Convention Center with hundreds of persons in attendance each day, many of whom had a Ph.D., in economics. During that trip my picture graced the cover of “Banka,” Croatia’s version of “Time” magazine, or similar, I am told, complete with an article inside. I have no clue what the article says as I neither speak or read Croatian. I will place a picture of the cover on my web page:

Senator Coyne: Why so much personal detail in this broad sampling of background you might be thinking? The answer is two-fold: (1) to respond to the question(s) (A) a few of you have raised about my residency, and (B) about who I am. Hopefully, both questions are laid to rest here, but if additional questions arise, please let me have them; and, (2) to let you know I have handled major matters of considerable substance my entire life As your Senator, I will have no trouble addressing USA’s problems; I have workable, solid solutions on my web page(s)! No solutions to are offered by my competition for this Senate seat. However, my fundamental purpose in writing is to make as certain as possible you have enough pertinent information to vote for me at the nominating convention on March 8, 2014. PLEASE feel free to comment and/or ask any questions you might have. Should you find it necessary to grade me on the curve, do it. I need your vote, and remember: "The Lord Giveth, The Government Taketh Away!"

It might by your vote that allows the country to know one day how you helped save this once-great nation by making our U.S. Senate Coyne operated!

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Coyne

[1] Room, board, books, tuition, travel and spending money paid at University of Chicago (UC) by General Electric Company including membership in UC campus Faculty Club. Clearly, UC was the greatest academic/educational experience of my life, for which I am most thankful. The U.S. Senate will benefit now from that education and experience.

[2] Reliable raw data supplied by Ryan-Repass Research, Inc., Rex Repass, President


November 4, 2002 - COMMENTARY – BY TOM COYNE

(1) “How Government Should Raise Money”

This is Tom Coyne. Listen live each Friday evening, 9 till 10 PM on the new WHK, 1220.

Government exists, and it is expensive, but how should government raise money? The answer is: cut taxes. Government should reduce taxes – all taxes, including but not limited to federal, state, and local income taxes. Government should reduce or eliminate to the greatest extent possible all tolls, excise and sales taxes. Lower tax rates increase the amount of money government receives: The tax base increases as the tax rate decreases. Does it always work this way? No. Under conditions of full employment, government could raise taxes to raise money, but no economy is at full employment – ever; therefore tax rates should be decreased.

When taxes go down, the demand for goods and services go up because people have more money to spend, and they spend it. As consumer spending increases, the demand for employment increases, and goods and services produced increase. Employment rises, unemployment falls. The new goods and services produced are taxed, but at the lower tax rates. Income produced for businesses and households increase and is taxed, but at lower tax rates. The base of the economy expands and pays more in tax than before, but at lower tax rates. Does it always work this way? Yes!

Socialists as well as conservatives know it works this way, but life-long members of the Democrat Party and of the Republican Party pretend otherwise. Members of each political party care only about getting themselves elected and reelected – ad infinitium.

To gain and maintain adequate growth in employment, output and income allowing for high and rising standards of living for all citizens, even newcomers such as legal immigrants, tax rates must fall, but with socialists, the issue is NOT one of taxation. For socialists the issue is control. Socialists want control – at any price – even if the economy is destroyed in the process.

This is Tom Coyne. Listen, live, each Friday evening, 9-10 PM on the new WKH, 1220.


(2) “Are Stock Prices Too High, Too Low? How Do You Know?”

This is Tom Coyne. Listen to Tom Coyne, live, each Friday evening, 9 – 10 PM, on the new WHK, 1220.

If you are going to invest in the stock market, you must determine the value, not the price, of shares of common equity in which you have an interest. The Propaganda Press dwells on price changes. Price determination is a relatively minor problem. More important to a true investor is value of equity acquired. The major advantage of stock (equity) ownership is that each owner has a piece of the company; as such the equity owner is entitled to vote for the management, products and policies of each firm in which s/he invests. Most small stockowners are unaware of their rights to vote on who will be CEO and how much money the CEO can make resulting in many jobs being lost in the USA. More jobs will be lost. Will your job be one of them? How do you know?

Always buy equity directly from the company and buy one share at a time. Wrongly, most Americans buy mutual funds. When you give money to a mutual fund, and the portfolio manager of that fund buys equity with your money you automatically surrener your right to vote your equity proxies. When it comes time to vote for management of the company whose shares have been acquired with your money, your so-called “financial planner” has his/her boss at the insurance company vote what your bought and paid to obtain: your proxy rights. It is “your” proxy, your private property because you put up the money; you incurred all financial risk. Socialists hate with a passion any and all private property! They continuously atttempt to control all persons, all property.

American companies, to include American jobs, American income, American income taxes, American life styles for innumerable families, may be, have been, often are, voted out of the country by “financial planners” using proxy votes rightfully belonging to you, the foolish person who bought into the mutual fund scam. Most likely, you are unaware of this scam – until now. To whom do you go for an explanation? Whom can you trust? If seeking integrity look to Tom Coyne.


Coal Miner’s Pension Problem:  I became aware of a major coal miner pension problem as a result of a lunch late in fall 2013, with a grade school/high school friend of mine and her coal mining husband.  I learned at lunch in excess of one hundred thousand (100,000) coal miners have been identified as persons in position to lose their pensions.  Many miners have devoted 25-35 years of service to the coal mines and they get nothing?  If they die (black lung, old age, other) their spouses, children, grandchildren get nothing?  Their estate receives nothing?  If they live, they get nothing for their service during their few retirement years?  Yes, is the correct answer in each case?  If true why, was, is and shall remain my question!  Despite requests from me to persons in authority and position to know, specific data have not been made available to me.  Is this the result of Obama’s “war on coal?”  We should allow this tragedy?  Why?

Since that routine and excellent luncheon I have been attempting to obtain reliable raw data with which to work, data allowing me to defend my solution to the problem, but no one appears interested.  Again, why is my question?  The solution to this coal miner pension problem offered by me is similar but markedly different from my solution to our Social Security dilemma.  (My Social Security solution is explained in two publications on this web page). 

Inasmuch as it remains professionally irresponsible and indefensible to claim existence of a problem and/or solution to that problem without necessary financial data I request, again, here and now that someone, somewhere provide me with cancelation of coal miner pension data to study.  To date and to the best of my knowledge and belief, no federal, state or locally elected official (i.e., U.S. Senator, U.S. House of Representatives member) appears to know how to address and solve this problem.  This coal miner pension problem is an easy problem to solve; in fact, I have solved such problems during my career as an arbitrator/mediator, but as taxpayers, we continue to receive only what we have learned to receive from elected members of our Ruling Class:  slogans, no solutions, only slogans such as “we will get the economy moving again.”  Worse yet, these slogans are cited always only after politicians caused the problem initially. 

Someone, somewhere, please by whatever legal, moral, ethical method you choose, get me the necessary financial data because I need documentation to defend my solution.  I always have solutions to problems, never meaningless slogans! Meanwhile, remember: We can only change Washgington, D.C. by changing those persons who run it!


January 2, 2014

Secretary of State Office/ Attn. A.J. Ickes
Building I, Suite 157-K
1900 Kanawha Blvd., East
Charleston, West Virginia 25305

Re:  The Certificate of Announcement

Dear Andrew J. Ickes, Ladies and Gentlemen:

I seek the office of U.S. Senate from West Virginia on the Libertarian ticket in the November 4, 2014 election, and I thank you for the Andrew J. Ickes letter of December 26, 2013.

Natalie E. Tennant, Secretary of State, West Virginia, with her 2014 Running for Office in West Virginia guide says one should “contact the (Libertarian) party for more information” concerning the “Certificate of Announcement.”  On page seven (7) of that document she says, in part, “Filing the Certificate of Announcement with the correct office is crucial.  If the document is not received in the correct filing office by the deadline (Monday, January 13, 2014 through midnight on Saturday, January 25, 2014) you will not be a candidate.  Late filings will not be accepted,” (emphasis provided).

I have contacted appropriate officers on the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party as instructed:  Chairman, Michael Wilson and Treasurer, Karl Swisher, each of whom says the Libertarian Party has chosen to nominate by convention, not by Primary.  The Libertarian Party convention date is on or about March 8, 2014, too late to be in compliance with the Natalie E. Tennant mandate; thus, I have no choice other than to meet the Natalie E. Tennant deadline and I hereby request:  (1) the official certificate of announcement form, (2) official confirmation of the precise amount of money to be submitted as a filing fee, and (3) official and precise location to which I must submit (A) the appropriate form, (B) the $1,740 filing fee.

I sought the office of governor, WV, when Joseph Manchin was SOS.  I had asked Manchin in writing for “appropriate forms.” Manchin refused.  A WV Deputy Attorney General (AG) told Judge Frederick P. Stamp, Jr., Federal District Court, Wheeling, that WV had not yet printed the necessary forms.  Immediately Judge Stamp loudly scolded him in open court saying West Virginia had been ordered by Federal Court in Fairmont, approximately two years earlier to provide  appropriate forms.  With Judge Stamp’s spontaneous outburst before completion of my Opening Remarks I had won my case; however, the delayed Stamp Court transcript ignores Stamp’s comments and Manchin was seeking the identical office as me, governor, at the time.  I had asked the Stamp Court for expedited attention.  In his much delayed written AWARD Judge Stamp found in favor of West Virginia.  U.S. Supreme Court Justice William Hubbs Rhenquist, was studying my appeal at his residence outside Washington, D.C. the night he died.  I heard nothing further concerning my appeal. I wish to avoid similar mistreatment this time, especially since SOS Natalie E. Tennant seeks the job I seek, U.S. Senator (W.V) in the November 4, 2014 election. (Note: Ms. Tennant was offered thirteen millon dollars ($13,000,000.00) by Michelle, in her name and that of President Barack Hussein Obama II, in an effort to assure Democrat Party control of the WV Senate vote).




U.S. Senator Democrat Harry Reid confirmed today (11/21/2013) what has been well-known on this page for decades: The USA has no judicial system, only a legal system - and the laws of the U.S. Senate have been changed to choke-off the Constitutional RIGHT of freedom of speech, and for whom? Members of the U.S. Senate. Senators are sent there for a reason: to manage the affairs of this once-great nation. Reid's fellew Senators know, as does Coyne, each U.S. Senator has a constitutional God-given inalienable right to be heard on any issue or subject or his/her choice, on the floor of the U.S. Senate or elsewhere as s/he sees fit! Shame, shame, shame of us for allowing socialists to succeed in this manner.




November 11, 2013,

Veteran’s Day Commentary

TO:  Ninety-nine U.S. Senators @ various Senate Office Buildings, Bars/Lounges, “Health Clubs,” Brothels, Yachts, Other “safe-from-the-public” havens, Washington, D.C.

FROM:  Thomas Joseph Coyne, MBA, Ph.D., (Financial Economist),;

SUBJECT:  Your individual and collective malfeasance in elected public office;  

OBJECT:  Call your attention to this fact:  you have failed to do the job you promised to do;     

PRESENT:  We grant you privileges in life for you to serve the public, not to exploit the public

PROPOSAL:  TERM LIMITS:  Because of your failure(s), citizens must never again vote for anyone in elected public office who has held that office for more than ten or twelve years, including you; 

ADVANTAGES:  Senators will be required to earn their money, not steal it.  No more ‘milking the system’ to become multi-millionaires at taxpayer expense.  Fairness, honor, dignity, integrity, patriotism, freedom from fear of government control of everyone and everything that move;

DISADVANTAGES:  Non-competitive bid contractors rewarded financially by you and from whom you receive financial kickbacks will no longer assure your reelection;

ACTION:  Surrender your goal to control everyone and everything that moves.  Remember the Alamo.  Evict illegal immigrants – but help legitimate immigrants, Balance the Budget. Remember Benghazi.  Protect our borders.  Cancel Obamacare.  Cancel the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Education – no longer indoctrinate, educate. Discontinue Department of Education knowingly uncollectible loans to unqualified alleged students so as to forgive the loans later for government-selected persons, selection to be based mostly on race, political voting records; Cancel the Department of Energy, and the Federal Income Tax.  Amend the Social Security Act of 1934.  Protect our Coal industry, coal miners & their pensions.  Protect our railroads. Protect our military, their families and pensions. Stop financing abortions.  Discontinue the practice of having government employees misuse government pension fund money by acquiring government ownership voting rights in otherwise private corporations.  Stop manipulating current stock market prices.  Discontinue expansion of fascism.  Fascism led to armed conflict when Mussolini and Hitler used it to gain and maintain power and control. Establish English as our national language. Create new medical schools. Eliminate gun control efforts.  Pass an Amendment to the Constitution forbidding taxation of one's primary residential real estate.  Renew space research and defense. Discontinue any notion of requiring any young American to "register" for military draft.

Veterans did not do what we did in World War II, in Korea, in Vietnam, in Iraq, in Kuwait, in Pakistan, in Afghanistan, elsewhere, and stand on lonely armed alert around the world to allow you to destroy this country as you are doing.  Stop it!  Your behavior is criminal! Reestablish FREEDOM.

Protect the Constitution of the United States of America, the greatest document ever reduced to writing.  Create a justice system (we have only a legal system currently).  Use your time to help, not hurt this wonderful country!  Protect our religious and personal freedoms, liberty, and thank God for it all. He has given you much. He expects and deserves much in return!


SUBJECT:   “Social Security in the United States of America:  A Positive and Profitable Cash Flow Device; a Powerful Political Control of People Tool” by Thomas J. Coyne, Ph.D. (Financial Economist), a condensed version. ©

OBJECT: When in doubt throw it out!  Government has proven inability or unwillingness to properly manage our Social Security Act of 1935, The Old-Age Survivors, and Disability (OASDI) and Medicare Hospital Insurance (HI) program/Act.  That legislation must be amended. 

PRESENT: When government gets too strong it forgets right from wrong! Social Security finances are controlled totally by government to the detriment of the Social Security member.  Currently, if a worker dies prior to his/her official Social Security retirement date government wrongly keeps all (100%) retirement money paid by him/her.  The proposal here is to end this practice!  This proposal guarantees individual workers benefit from their labor financially during their retirement, and assures their estate receives all money remaining after death, if any. 
PROPOSAL: Profit is not a dirty word; in fact, profit is a cost of doing business; besides, God helps those who help themselves! For bookkeeping purposes only we need to separate Social Security retirement payments from Disability and Supplemental Security Income payments.   

This Amendment requires government employees, as a condition of continued federal government employment, to administer an honest retirement plan, administer only, for each individual worker choosing responsibility for his/her retirement.  By this Amendment government assures specified routine payments into and out of the one’s retirement plan and disallows fraudulent withdrawals or contributions.  Transfers of retirement money from one investment adviser to another shall be properly protected.  Government shall establish and patrol, patrol only, a reliable retirement/survival plan/portfolio without making any of the investment or management decisions.  Each worker may retire at any time but s/he shall not be able to access his/her retirement portfolio money until attainment of age 62 or 65 or an age uniformly nationally agreed upon.  If one retires too early s/he may become a ward of the state. Supplemental Security Income recipients and Disability income recipients are on welfare, wards of the state. Social Security Income recipients are entitled to their money and are NOT on welfare. They are NOT wards of the state!

Each worker may have his/her personal retirement portfolio.  The worker or someone selected by the worker, someone other than a government employee, shall make all buy, sell, hold or trade decisions for common equity, bonds, real estate and/or other financial investments.  Should any worker die before he reaches retirement age money accumulated by him/her shall belong to the estate of the deceased.  No federal income tax shall be due or paid on the retirement portfolio at any time during the existence of the worker’s life, at his/her death, or by the estate of the deceased worker.  No FICA tax of 15.4%, more or less, shall be paid by or for a worker selecting to manage his/her personal retirement portfolio.  No deceased person’s money shall be absorbed into government or other coffers.  No retirement money in any worker’s portfolio may be borrowed by government for any reason at any time.  All retirement money accumulated in a worker’s portfolio shall be identified as the workers private property; competition from financial intermediaries shall be required with each investment adviser, if any, in writing, being required to diligently attempt to generate profit for each worker consistent with the degree of risk acceptable to the worker as done in ALL legitimate retirement plans in the USA. 

Any worker preferring to remain with the existing un-amended Social Security plan may do so.  Such person(s) shall be permitted to change his/her mind later; however, a person choosing responsibility for his retirement in accordance with this proposed Amendment may not change his/her mind later.  This  Amendment requires that no Supplemental Security payments, if any, and no Disability payments, if any, shall exceed the dollar amount of the average Social Security payments made to workers who choose to remain in the existing Social Security program.  Standard deviation statistics associated with average Social Security retirement payments to recipients shall not be considered in fulfilling this requirement.  If no person remains with the current system a maximum lid or ‘cap’’ shall be placed on Disability payments, if any, on Supplemental Security Income payments, if any.

No government employee and no mutual fund management, or Investment Bank, or commercial bank Trust Department person or group shall vote common equity proxies for any person remaining in the existing Social Security plan or for any person opting to manage his/her personal retirement portfolio under this Amendment.  No government employee shall have any influence whatsoever in selection and/or election of management personnel at any level of any publicly traded business for a worker holding financial instruments in his/her portfolio.  No one other than the worker or his non-government agent may vote proxies concerning matters before the firm in which the worker holds equity.  Government shall not enforce its policies and/or procedures at meetings for stock owners.  (Stock holders are not necessarily stock owners).  Government shall not be in direct or indirect control of any worker’s retirement income from equity, bonds, bills, or other assets held by the worker in publicly traded businesses.  Only publicly traded financial products and/or instruments, the price of which is routinely quoted in national or worldwide financial press, may be acquired and/or held for the retirement portfolio of (A) persons remaining in the existing Social Security program or (B) persons choosing to manage and own investments outright as part of their private property as prescribed herein. 

This amended Social Security Act identifies retirement money and all holdings in retirement portfolios as the private property of each worker.  No government agency or office or person shall interfere in any manner whatsoever with this private property, in accordance with Article IV of our Constitution.  Conditions conducive to accumulation of personal savings by a worker from his work is encouraged and supported by this Amendment.  Current governmental use of a worker’s retirement money until s/he retires is ended by this Amendment. 

Behavior contrary to specifics cited in this Amendment by any government or non-government person or group shall be identified as a criminal offense, by definition, against the worker and shall be punished accordingly.  Remember:  Freedom is not Free!

ADVANTAGES:  If an American worker earning $50,000 annually places only ten percent (10%) of it ($5,000) in his/her retirement portfolio, at only six percent (6%), for only thirty years (30) s/he would have an estate worth $395,290 (Future Value Factor of an annuity, 79.058, times $5,000, compounded @6% for 30 yrs.) at the end of those 30 years.  If s/he dies early family of the deceased has ownership of the money.  If s/he lives a normal life span the worker has significantly better retirement money.  Current Obama threats to discontinue sending Social Security recipients their entitled payments are nullified.  This Amendment ends current practice of government keeping for itself retirement money of all persons who die before official retirement age, 62 or lower.  FICA is gone with this Amendment.  Government persons are prohibited from voting common equity proxies belonging legally, morally and ethically to each worker, to each free citizen!
DISADVANTAGES: Specific financial information concerning alleged cost(s) to government of this proposal is unavailable at this writing; however, more than adequate money is available, not only to finance this proposal but, additionally, to solve the pension for coal miners problem created by professional politicians, both Republican and Democrat, the self-proclaimed “Ruling Class.”    
ACTION:  I will present this proposal from the floor of the U.S. Senate if I receive the votes of citizens in West Virginia allowing me to serve as their U.S. Senator (L.WV.), so help me God!  


The Economic Theory of John Maynard Keynes (pronounced: "Canes")

Without serious doubt or discussion John Maynard Keynes was the most influential economist of the 20th century. Franklin Delano Roosevelt had Keynes' picture hanging in the Oval Office, Adoph Hitler kept a picture of Keynes in his private Berlin office and Joseph Stalin did the same thing in Moscow, as did Winston Churchill near London.

Keynes died in 1946, exhausted, shortly after the long boat ride home to England following his participation in the post War II conference at Brenton Woods, New Hampshire where he, Keynes, started the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the Marshall Plan. The Americans had arranged the meetings so as to leave little time for Keynes to speak. They were angry with Keynes' behavior as a member of the team arranging reparations in 1919: German punishment was in store for starting World War I and Americans were demanding heavy financial payments in 1919. Keynes resigned in disgust, went home and wrote "How to Pay for a War" in which he said Germany would be at war again in twenty years (20) if they had to pay for War I. (His thoughts became the defining blue print for creation of IMF, World Bank, and Marshall Plan). Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, conquering the previously disarmed Poles by October 10, 1939. It took only 40 days. When Keynes' turn finally arrived to speak in 1946, he stood, stoop shouldered and weary and addressed the stuned almost silent group with his knowledge of events and how to fix them. To this day in the 21st century (September 21, 2011) we hear of Keynes, mostly from life-long professional politicians, talk radio show and television personalities with each, in turn, embarassing themselves by revealing their lack of knowledge concerning Keynesian economics. Keynes did not preach socialism!

Briefly, Keynes correctly tells us this:

(1) Business cycles always exist in every economy, regardless of whether it is capitalist, socialist or communist;

(2) Every business cycle has four (4) stages: (A) expansionary stage, (B) upper turn, (C) contractionary stage, (D) lower turn;

(3) Growing economies in the USA ALWAYS enjoy many more months of expansion than months of contraction; and, importantly,

(4) During months of expansion (A) government receives, on average, more money than it needs currently. Government should not spend all the money it has at this time. Save something for the upcoming contraction, stage C. Government should hoard money during months of expansion (A) so as to have excess funds available for financial stimulus spending during months of contraction (C). "Stimulus" government spending is acceptable only once the upper turn (B) of the business cycle is reached and the economic contraction (C) begins. During the contractionary stage, C, and as close as possible to the lower turn (D), government should carefully study what spending would be proper on new and or better projects in preparation for the next contraction (recession) - (C); meanwhile, another espansion is taking place (A). In this manner government stabilizes the aggregate economy during expansions and contractions and has money also for emergencies and truly crucial new projects.

No long term debt is necessary at any time and remember: NO long term debt existed in the USA from its inception as a nation until the need arose to finance World War II. Unnecessarily, this nation has been in debt since that time. I, Thomas Joseph Coyne, Ph.D. as your U. S. Senator from West Virginia, would demand and obtain a balanced budget!

Socialists among us tell us to spend every penny we have from current taxation during each stage of the business cycle, and spend each penny we can borrow during each stage of the business cycle in order to provide "stimulus" to the economy during expansion and the upper turn and the contraction and the lower turn ignoring totally the need to generate a financial surplus. These same socialists use the name of Keynes, wrongly, to justify their behavior by concertrating almost solely upon the Keynes use of financial stimulus during brief contrationary stages of the normal business cycle, (C). Socialists are wrong to do so!


1.       Government Shutdown:  In October, 2013 government claimed ‘shutdown.’  Not so!  The federal government is on strike.  Government wants (A) more money and (B) socialist working conditions.  It is a simple labor relations problem.  I have handled similar problems - with ease.  I, as your U.S. Senator from West Virginia, would solve this problem quickly.
2.       Coal:  Hard working coal miners, some having 29 years in the pits, are threatened with loss of health care, loss of pensions, loss of jobs by government declaring “war on coal.”  Miners might have their homes foreclosed due to inability to pay real estate taxes.  This is a simple macroeconomic/microeconomic problem.  I have handled similar problems in the past.  I, as your U.S. Senator from West Virginia, would solve this problem quickly from the senate floor.
3.       Tolls.  Tolls are taxes and taxes pay for construction and upkeep of our Interstate highways.  States place a tax (toll) on top of, in addition to, the federal fuel tax.  This additional tax is wrong, especially since both West Virginia and Ohio have paid for their turnpikes totally, several times over.  This tax is a heavy burden to employed, unemployed veterans and other citizens. I, as your U.S. Senator from West Virginia, would solve this problem by making ALL Interstate highways free to all travelers – as promised by Dwight David Eisenhower – in the early 1950s.
4.       Veterans.  Disabled American Veterans, among other veterans, are suffering as government is threatening to hold their disability checks. Government is canceling surgeries in VA hospitals for purely political reasons.  Talk about unacceptable?  I, as your U.S. Senator from West Virginia, would support, create and work diligently towards a legitimate government shutdown the likes of which Barry Soetoro/Barack Hussein Obama II has never dreamed of seeing before tolerating such behavior on the part of government. Veterans from West Virginia and elsewhere did not fight in a foreign country to see themselves, their families and friends taxed out of their residences upon return home!
5.       Social Security.  Groundless threats are being made against senior citizens.  They might not be given their monthly checks?  They might not be entitled to their checks anyway they are told.  When government speaks that way to me, to my family, to my friends it is speaking to the wrong person!  I, as your U. S. Senator from West Virginia, would not tolerate such language originating from a U.S. President or ANYONE from official inside-the-beltway Washington, D. C. Older citizens are entitled to their pension money, in full, on time, with no threats!
6.       Other Government Stunts.  Phony social security threats, gun control efforts, out of control EPA, failure to defend our borders, failed public schools, failed energy efforts, serious shortage of M.D. physicians, no reestablishment of our space program, failed student loan(s) program, unnecessary maintenance of U.S. Military around the world, failed financial grants to sworn enemies, disgraceful fall of the U.S. dollar, misbehavior by Federal Reserve System leadership, lack of a balanced budget, desperate need for term limits, rediculous requirements to sign-up for the military draft upon attainment of age 18, necessary elimination of the federal income tax, abortion, no defense of the 2nd and 4th Amendments, obscene personal property taxes, disgraceful Obamacare, horrible Bureau of Prisons, continued failure to establish a National Language – American English, require that Tom Coyne be elected to the U.S. Senate from West Virginia.  I, as your U.S. Senator from West Virginia, would correct these stupid problems!  "The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits” – Albert Einstein.   Together we can recapture our once-great nation.  I need help but seek only prayers, good will and your vote. I accept no money!


I, as your U.S. Senator from West Virginia, would cancel The Federal Income Tax. Our existing Internal Revenue Tax Code is the result of the 16th Amendment to our Constitution, passed on February 3, 1913. Experience over the last one hundred years, 1913 - 2013, reveals Amendment 16 has been badly misused and abused by life-long professional elected politicians. The abuse shall stop; besides, this country prospered handsomely for one hundred and thrity-seven years (137), from 1776 - 1913, with no income tax. We can and must do it again. I would help cancel Amendment 16 of the U.S. Constitution! Revenue from other sources is readily available.

Cancelation, in small part, will explain that inasmuch as we all play we all shall pay! No exemptions and no deductions! As with much if not most federal legislation, a very large number of persons have been made exempt from federal income tax; worse yet, IRS 501-c-3 tax free groups vote on taxation issues while being required to pay none of it. This self-serving wrong privilege shall change.


Impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama, known for approximately 26 years of his life as Barry Soetoro should proceed immediately.

World Finance On June 9, 2013, The World Finance & Banking Symposium, Ministry of Education, Beijing, P.R. China accepted the Thomas J. Coyne, Ph.D. research paper: “Social Security in the United States of America: A Positive and Profitable Cash Flow Device; a Powerful Political Control of People Tool” for presentation to financial economists at its symposium in Beijing, China, December 16 – 17, 2013. A 'tourist' visa is unacceptable to the Chinese Embassy, NY. NY for presentation of this professional paper and I am told I MUST have a letter of invitation from "a Chinese person in position to write such a letter." The required letter has been promised several times but has yet to arrive. The Chinese do not accept electronic messages (email; fax) for this presentation and I need at least six (6) six weeks before departure for my required immunizations at the Cleveland Clinic. As of Octobe 6, 2013, I am within a hair of having to cancel my hotel and plane reservations; regardless, the reader and the world-at-large would benefit significantly by reading the paper, hyperlinked here, accepted for presentation by the Financial Economists. This paper reveals how to solve our Social Security problem: Click onto world_finance.


Workers,%20Government%20and%20Social%20Security%20Taxes.htm. If one million Americans die early because of ObamaCare “death squads” and these non-government workers spent 30 years working, but died before collecting Social Security benefits, the federal government stands to make a minimum collective economic profit on their deaths of $102,775,000,000.00. (Future Value of Annuity Factor @ 6% of WV level earnings, 30yrs.: (79,057 X $1,300 X 1,000,000). (Government always has kept 100% of all tax receipts when a worker dies before reaching retirement age). This governmental profit of one hundred and two billion, seven hundred and seventy-five million dollars is unearned income to government, concealed from West Virginians and the nation by life-long politicians. Social Security Taxation is very profitable – to government!


Commentary%20of%20April%2020,%20The%20Enemy%20Within.htm. “We have met the enemy and it is us!”


The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act signed into law by President Bill Clinton on November 12, 1999 is the factor causing current worldwide financial collapse. See:

Commentaries%20of%20October%2013,%202003,%20GRAMM-LEACH-BLILEY,%20GLASS%20STEAGALL.htm; and,



Government is too strong, has forgotten right from wrong. The USA’s “Ruling Class” exists through conspiracy between Democrat Party & Republican Party financiers. Professional life-long politicians have total control. Our successful capitalist system has been converted into a government/fascist state. (Fascism is a sophisticated form of socialism). The June, 2013 Timken (TKR) Corporation Board of Directors takeover by CALPERS (California Public Employees Retirement System) government employees is only the latest example.


Tom serves as a highly personal adviser to Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers and other key executive positions functioning individually as a personal “Board” member for each. Confidentiality agreements are signed as needed.

Tom’s elongated resume: Autobiographical%20Sketch.htm; also, summary_of_works_by_thomas_j.htm.

Coyne & Associates, Inc. has managed money for people since 1967 without losing a penny for anyone, anywhere, at any time for any reason, including the current recession; in fact, each client made money! (Tom took one client from only eleven dollars ($11.00) to six million dollars ($6,000,000.00)). See: appointment_of_investment_adviso.htm ; neither Tom Coyne nor anyone connected with his firm EVER solicits a client.

See MEDIATION BY COYNE AND ASSOCIATES.htm and, Thomas Joseph Coyne Arbitration Resume.htm


Freedom, Liberty and Democracy would benefit if we adopt the following four Constitutional Amendments, but one other point; American citizens live in fear of government and are not free. We existed well as a nation from 1776 until ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment to our constitution on February 3, 1913 - one hundred and thirty-seven years. We must become free again. With the 16th Amendment we granted government the right to tax us; however, government routinely exceeds and otherwise abuses its privilege to tax. Cancelation of the existing Tax Code in its entirety is necessary at this time! Watch this page for details concerning how to finance government after cancellation of the Tax Code.

(1) A 28th Amdment to the U. S. Constitution should read: “The term in elected public office shall not exceed a total of twelve years (2 terms) for a U.S. Senator; the term in elected public office shall not exceed a total of twelve years (6 terms) for any U. S. House of Representatives member.” (T. Coyne, (6/19/98).

(2) A 29th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution should read: “No government or governmental unit shall impose a tax of any sort on the primary residential property of any citizen in the USA.” (T. Coyne, 3/17/03). See Commentary of January 25, 2005, Real Estate Property Taxes.htm See as well letter of July 6, 2007 to prosecuting attorney, Summit County, Ohio.

(3) A 30th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution should read: “No vote of the people is valid if it consists of less than fifty percent of those persons eligible to vote.” (T. Coyne, 6/1/03).

(4) A 31st Amendment to the U. S. Constitution should read: “There shall be no taxation without representation.” (T. Coyne, 10/10/03). Non-city residents in Akron, Ohio and elsewhere throughout this country pay city income taxes as levied and collected by politicians for whom these same non-resident taxpayers are not permitted to vote, and to whom no accounting of money collected is ever made. Persons taxed do not live work or drive through the city of Akron but Akron collects and spends their tax payments.

BOOKS by Professor T. J. Coyne:

A. How to take Charge of Yourself, Your Money, Your Government, non-fiction. htm, College text, copyright, 1999 ISBN 0-9633192-2-1; “(Socialism does not work; capitalism works.)”

B. License To Lie, a novel by Tom Coyne.htm, fiction, ISBN 0-9633192-1-3, copyright, 2000; “(A liar is a liar is a liar." Do not forget it – ever,” p.1).

C. Each book cited here along with T. Coyne. Readings in Managerial Economics, Fifth Edition, an MBA level text used constantly by colleges and universities throughout the world from 1974 through 1992, ISBN: 0-9633192-0-5, © 1992, Fifth Edition, may be acquired from Coyne & Associates, Inc. via direct mail). Price per copy of each: $10.00 plus postage and handling of $5.00.

D. (Four out-of-print books published by Professor Coyne including his Managerial Economics: Analysis and Cases, Fifth Edition, an MBA college text, the best selling book in its field in its time, ISBN: 0-256-026980, Business Publications, Inc., Plano, Texas, © 1984, remain available through EBay, and/or Amazon.Com; however, one may make written request to Coyne & Associates, Inc.).


Financial economist Thomas Joseph Coyne is a native of Wheeling, West Virginia, a graduate of Central Catholic High School.

Thomas Joseph Coyne earned his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree at Case Western Reserve University (Economics/Finance), his Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) from Kent State University (Management/Finance), his Bachelor of Business Administration degree (BBA) from Marshall University (Accounting/Economics). He completed his postgraduate work at the University of Chicago (Monetary Theory/Price Theory) and the University of Michigan (Computers).

As a full-time undergraduate student at Marshall University, Dr. Coyne worked full-time as a brakeman on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, graduating in three years time. He worked full time as industrial credit manager for The B. F. Goodrich Company while a graduate student at Kent State University, graduating in two years time. Coyne taught at Case and John Carroll and Kent State and Akron Universities while studying finance and economics at Case. While attending high school, Coyne rose from stock boy to floor manager and buyer at the J. C. Penney Company. Using his experience, age, education, and background, Coyne has contributed to solution of labor and management problems for decades. After writing his Master’s thesis: “Railroad Proposals for the Alleviation of their Financial Crisis” and receipt of his MBA, Tom worked with Cyrus Eaton at the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway as it acquired the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, (the combined railroad today is called CSX). Tom appeared before the Interstate Commerce Commission dealing with per diem rate cases of railroad cars. Tom is a licensed pilot. After writing his Ph.D. dissertation, receipt of the degree and having it published by the Legislative Services Committee and distributed by the Committee to each member of the House and Senate and administrative persons in West Virginia, entitled "Banking Structure in West Virginia," branch banking was adopted by the state of West Virginia. Prior to distribution of the Coyne dissertation West Virginia was the only unit banking state (NO branches allowed) in the nation.

Professor Coyne spent the bulk of his professional career teaching graduate and undergraduate courses (MBA) as a tenured full professor of finance and/or business economics at fully accredited (AACSB) universities. He has traveled extensively throughout Russia, Western Europe, and the United States, lecturing and presenting papers in finance and economics. He has negotiated countless multi-million dollar contracts for scores of American Boards of Education, has created and served as executive director of several foundations in the United States and Europe. Coyne grew financial and real assets for one group from only eleven dollars to $6.0 million before leaving.

Tom has been an active member in his church, in church institutions, and has published at least ten books or monographs, plus about one hundred peer-reviewed articles to be found in many academic & professional journals. His Arbitration Awards are published. Many written contributions have appeared in newspapers and online. Coyne is an arbitrator, serving from the lists of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. He completed the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon for Cancer Research (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 & 2006), and had a weekly one hour 50,000 watt call-in talk radio show broadcast simultaneously in Cleveland, and Youngstown, Ohio. Tom is an honorably discharged U.S. Army combat infantry veteran, having served with L Company, 180th Infantry Regiment, 45th Infantry Division, Sandbag Castle, Korea, receiving the Korean Service Medal with 2 Bronze Service Stars, the United Nations Service Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Combat Infantry Badge (CIB), the Good Conduct Medal, a Letter of Appreciation signed by Kim Dae-jung, President of the Republic of Korea, and The President Syugman Rhee Memorial Association 60th Anniversary Korean War 1950-2010 Medallion.

Tom sought the U.S. Senate seat Ohio (I) being vacated by Howard Metzenbaum, 1994. Ohio Secretary of State (Taft) denied Coyne placement of the Coyne name on the ballot claiming inability to read any of the 11,000 (approx.) properly prepared signed and printed petition signatures).

Tom sought the Office of Governor West Virginia (I), 2004. WV Secretary of State (Manchin) refused to provide Coyne with appropriate petition forms subsequent to which in Wheeling Federal District Judge Frederick P. Stamp, Jr. declared from his bench WV violated previous (2 years prior) Federal District Court orders of Judge Kelley requiring WV to provide proper petition forms, that WV should have provided Coyne with proper petition forms, but in his written Award Stamp reversed himself and found in favor of WV. U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice William Hubbs Rehnquist was at his residence outside Washington, D.C. studying Coyne’s appeal of the questionable Judge Stamp “award” the night Rehnquist died. Tom never heard another word concerning his appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court!

Thomas Joseph Coyne, Ph.D., was formerly married to Patricia Anne Smith, R.N., of Huntington and together they proudly raised their five children, all of whom are college-educated. Tom and Pat have twelve grandchildren. Tom plans to take the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Jay Rockefeller (D.WV) in the election of November 4, 2014.

Professor Coyne maintains a home in Bath, Ohio, USA.